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There are two options you could use to house the pages for your walk book.   


Today, I will show you step by step on how to do it:

STEP ONE : Print out  the PDF File you downloaded from Etsy . For a better quality, make sure that your printer settings   is on best quality selection.  Any paper of your preference will do. However, I recommend that you use a thicker kind of paper for the ‘My Faith Expressions” page especially if you will be using mixed media.  You can also do back to back printing but this  takes  a little bit of patience to do and you would be needing a quality paper too, in my opinion. I have to tell you that  I went the easy route , used  what I already have  and  did the one- side printing.
I would normally just print out one set initially and print out additional pages after I set everything up.

STEP TWO:  Decide on what system you want to use and get your materials ready.
You can either use the Disc Bound System or The Ring Binder.

Ring Binder
For this you will need :
     Ring Binder  - I got  this 3-ring Binder with a nice pretty design  from Walmart for less than $4.00  It’s cute and it will work just as good.

2   Puncher -  Use  the single puncher if you don’t have the 3-hole puncher like I did.
     Pencil for marking 

Disc Bound System

I personally use the TUL system which I got from Office Depot.
But you can use other brands as well ie. Arc by Staples,  Create365 or the IQ360 carried by Walmart. The cheapest route would be IQ360.

For this system, you will need the following  :
1)      Discs - I first used the one inch ones but I consistently do my devotionals so I used the 2 inches discs. A pack of 12 pieces  costs $4.50. For the letter size, you would need 11 discs. 

2)      Cover Sheet-  You have several options for this.

a    DIY Covers ( Front And Back) 
·         Pretty Folder  -  You can buy any folder you may like, cut in half and into letter size.  You can add an extra space ( around half an inch) since this would be your cover.
·         A laminated letter size sheets  like this one. 

·         Any thicker kind of paper.  (Add half an inch as well : 11.5 x 9 )
·         Plastic Cover – A repurposed plastic folder will do.

b   A Ready-Made Cover  - I figured that since I will be using this system for a really long time, I invested on a  sturdy cover.  I bought the TUL leather cover  notebook,  disassembled it, removed the pages it came with and replaced the discs.

3)      Puncher

       Disc Puncher  - This one I bought for almost $35. It’s easy and convenient to use.

b   Single Puncher  - You can use this r too if you are on a budget but still wants to use the disc system.  Punch holes on where the discs would go and cut slits on each hole.  I have to warn you though, using a single punch is a tedious (and I should say, a messy) process. I gave up on it and just got me the TUL disc punch for the convenience.

Note:  When I first used the single puncher, I bought the plastic dividers for the TUL system and used it as a guide to know where to punch holes. This way, I didn’t have to estimate on where the discs would go and everything will be in perfect alignment.

STEP 3:  Start Punching. 

Here's the step by step process on how to punch holes using a single puncher: 

Align the paper with the Ring Binder and using your pencil, mark the places where you will punch holes at.

You can use the first page or another paper as  a template for punching  the rest of the pages.

Repeat above for the rest of the pages. 

STEP 4:  Arrange all the pages however you please and  depending how you will  use it.

STEP 5 : Assemble it.

For the RING BINDER, insert the pages on the ring binder and you are all set!

Here is how you assemble the DISC BOUND SYSTEM:

Lay the front and back covers side by side and get your discs.  

Begin to insert the discs one by one from top to bottom:

Now insert your pages , a few pages at a time. 

Add pages as you please and now you are set!

I hope you find this tutorial helpful.  

Please visit my Etsy shop for the pages you want to incorporate on your very own (My) Christian Walk Book:  www.mychristianwalkbook.etsy.com .
Thank You!

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