Tuesday, March 28, 2017


There are two options you could use to house the pages for your walk book.   


Today, I will show you step by step on how to do it:

STEP ONE : Print out  the PDF File you downloaded from Etsy . For a better quality, make sure that your printer settings   is on best quality selection.  Any paper of your preference will do. However, I recommend that you use a thicker kind of paper for the ‘My Faith Expressions” page especially if you will be using mixed media.  You can also do back to back printing but this  takes  a little bit of patience to do and you would be needing a quality paper too, in my opinion. I have to tell you that  I went the easy route , used  what I already have  and  did the one- side printing.
I would normally just print out one set initially and print out additional pages after I set everything up.

STEP TWO:  Decide on what system you want to use and get your materials ready.
You can either use the Disc Bound System or The Ring Binder.

Ring Binder
For this you will need :
     Ring Binder  - I got  this 3-ring Binder with a nice pretty design  from Walmart for less than $4.00  It’s cute and it will work just as good.

2   Puncher -  Use  the single puncher if you don’t have the 3-hole puncher like I did.
     Pencil for marking 

Disc Bound System

I personally use the TUL system which I got from Office Depot.
But you can use other brands as well ie. Arc by Staples,  Create365 or the IQ360 carried by Walmart. The cheapest route would be IQ360.

For this system, you will need the following  :
1)      Discs - I first used the one inch ones but I consistently do my devotionals so I used the 2 inches discs. A pack of 12 pieces  costs $4.50. For the letter size, you would need 11 discs. 

2)      Cover Sheet-  You have several options for this.

a    DIY Covers ( Front And Back) 
·         Pretty Folder  -  You can buy any folder you may like, cut in half and into letter size.  You can add an extra space ( around half an inch) since this would be your cover.
·         A laminated letter size sheets  like this one. 

·         Any thicker kind of paper.  (Add half an inch as well : 11.5 x 9 )
·         Plastic Cover – A repurposed plastic folder will do.

b   A Ready-Made Cover  - I figured that since I will be using this system for a really long time, I invested on a  sturdy cover.  I bought the TUL leather cover  notebook,  disassembled it, removed the pages it came with and replaced the discs.

3)      Puncher

       Disc Puncher  - This one I bought for almost $35. It’s easy and convenient to use.

b   Single Puncher  - You can use this r too if you are on a budget but still wants to use the disc system.  Punch holes on where the discs would go and cut slits on each hole.  I have to warn you though, using a single punch is a tedious (and I should say, a messy) process. I gave up on it and just got me the TUL disc punch for the convenience.

Note:  When I first used the single puncher, I bought the plastic dividers for the TUL system and used it as a guide to know where to punch holes. This way, I didn’t have to estimate on where the discs would go and everything will be in perfect alignment.

STEP 3:  Start Punching. 

Here's the step by step process on how to punch holes using a single puncher: 

Align the paper with the Ring Binder and using your pencil, mark the places where you will punch holes at.

You can use the first page or another paper as  a template for punching  the rest of the pages.

Repeat above for the rest of the pages. 

STEP 4:  Arrange all the pages however you please and  depending how you will  use it.

STEP 5 : Assemble it.

For the RING BINDER, insert the pages on the ring binder and you are all set!

Here is how you assemble the DISC BOUND SYSTEM:

Lay the front and back covers side by side and get your discs.  

Begin to insert the discs one by one from top to bottom:

Now insert your pages , a few pages at a time. 

Add pages as you please and now you are set!

I hope you find this tutorial helpful.  

Please visit my Etsy shop for the pages you want to incorporate on your very own (My) Christian Walk Book:  www.mychristianwalkbook.etsy.com .
Thank You!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Available Sets On ETSY : My Christian Walk Book

Start documenting your faith with  your very own "MY CHRISTIAN WALK BOOK". Choose any or  combine the following sets to customize your very own faith planner / walk book. 

These are now available for digital download on ETSY. 



Monday, March 20, 2017


Below are the descriptions of each page created for MCWB or My Christian Walk Book :


·         My Christian Walk Book

The first page which contains the title that says : My Christian Walk Book with a space provided to write on your name.


·         My Year At A Glance

The months and dates in a year on one page, it has hearts you could color in  or  put stickers on for important dates.  A visual take for your year.

·         My Monthly Checklist

This page is a more detailed year at a glance, where you can write on the specific details  for each date you had marked on the previous page. This is a place where you could write on birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions.

·         My Monthly Plan

You can use this to plan your month. This is where I would write on important dates and events I need to remember. This has also notes section for Important tasks , a bible verse that speaks to you for the month, the possibilities are endless on a blank space, really.

·         This Month’s Milestones

It’s time to look back at  the month that has been. This is normally a page in progress for me, I would write on goals that had been achieved, special accomplishments and faith victories on this page.

·         My Week At A Glance

This page is used to plan your week from Monday to Sunday, all undated. Use when you please. This has a whole space of Notes Section as well. I normally allot the space for tasks or it could be a space for goal-setting if you need to work on your goals and break it down throughout the week.

·         My Day At A Glance
  This page has a few sections:

1.       Happening Today – this space is for the activities and events of the day

2.       Remember To – a section where you can write important tasks for the day

3.       Blessings of The Day – write your blessings on here, small or big ones

4.       My Quiet Time –  what did you do with your quiet time with God? This is the           space where I would write down which one I did from the Devotional Sets.

5.       A fun section to assess how your day has been, fill in the blanks for :

a.       Good Deed of the Day – Did you help, serve and bless someone?

b.      Virtue of The Day – What Christian virtue stood out in you?

c.       Word of the Day – Was there a word that spoke to you today, something that motivated you?

d.      I Feel- How was your day, how did it make you feel?

e.      I Want- Was there anything you liked or wanted that you’d like to have someday?

f.        I Let Go Of – Did you let go of anger today? Or Anything you don’t need in your life?

g.       Vision Update- Did something happen today that could count as an update or progress for your goals for the week, for the month or your vision board?

h.      What Made Me Smile Today-  A hug, a purchase, a wink , write whatever made your heart leap

i.         What Needs To Change – Is there any bad habit you want to get rid of , an att


·         One Year From Now

Cut out pictures and make a collage of how you see yourself or what you want to accomplish and have  or what you would be like in one year.  Write a note to yourself and check back after a year on how you fared.

·         Down The Road

Cut out pictures and make a college for your long term goals and visions and what you are believing in God to have or accomplish. Write a note to your self.  This is a good place to get motivated each day.

·         My Goals At A Glance

This would be your monthly goal setting sheet. What are your goals for your finances, family/ marriage, travel, ministry, body/ health and all the other aspects in your life that you would like to achieve in a month? I recommend you use the monthly plan to lay out your plan on how to accomplish your goals. It is also good to incorporate your vision for yourself for the year. Remember, each step you take is a like a part of a big puzzle.

·         Vision Board

This page would be your detailed goals, dreams and vision that you would like to see come to reality. Cut some pictures and make a collage out of it. Be specific in describing your goals. Make one  or two for each category in your life. You can do this yearly or monthly.


·         My Prayer Journal

I never miss writing on my prayer journal. There’s always something I need to pray about.
This journal is divided in four sections:

1.       I’m Thankful For – What are you grateful for today? Or this week (if you do this weekly)?  Check “My Day At A Glance” and see if there’s a particular blessing that stood out. Write about it.

2.       Answered Prayer- God makes miracles each day. Was there something that you had been praying for that got answered today/ this week? Write about it.

3.       Prayer Request – Make your hopes, wants and needs known to the Lord, in bullet points or sentences.

4.       My Love Note To God-  Praise and thank God in this section.  Tell Him how much you love Him, write what your heart tells you to write because prayer is not just asking God for stuff.

·         My Bible Study Journal

There are many ways on how you can study the Word Of God. This particular style has the following sections:

1.       Bible Verse-  Write down the scripture/ verse you would like to study . I would say the verse out loud while you write it.

2.       Studying The Word-  Write down each word in the scripture. Write down what you think it means or how it relates to you. I would usually look up definitions from the dictionary. You would be surprised on what you find out.

3.       Daily Walk Application – Ask yourself, how would this verse apply to your life  as a Christian? Are there steps that you need to take?

4.       Prayer – When you pray, apply the verse and speak God’s words in  your life.

5.       Notes -  Write down notes for future study and things to do from the verse you just studied

·         My Daily Walk Journal

I use this when I want to listen to God. I would go to a quiet place, with a question  , goal or prayer in my heart I would close my eyes and I would let my thoughts flow. I would write about everything that would come to mind about the subject. You would be surprised what God would tell you. Remember Intuition and flowing thoughts are God speaking to you.

·         Memory Keeping Journal

Keep mementos of your day on this page. You can make it pretty or just paste scraps of things to remember your day by.

·         My Night Visions

Log your dreams on this page and fill out the following sections:

1.       Dream Points – Jot down what your remember about your dream in bullet points

2.       Biblical Interpretation – I would go on line and search for bibilical interpretation. Be careful now, secular interpretations of dreams is totally different from biblical interpretation.

3.       Reflection- A space where in you would write about what you think your dream means on the biblical interpretations you researched and how it relates or applies in your life.

4.       Prayer- Relay your dream to God to give you wisdom about what your dream meant and how it will affect you on your faith walk.

5.       Future Notes- Dreams do come true especially when it comes from God. When one day, you would look at your past dreams , you can write down your notes if the dream came to pass or not or whatever you feel like writing on here.

·         My Faith Expressions

This space is allotted for the creative at heart, this is the space where you can do your scripture illustrations , doodling etc.


                 There are so many ways to take down notes and these are some I recommend you get:

·         My Favorite Bible Scriptures

Fill in the boxes with your favorite bible scriptures or verses for future bible study.

·         Things I learned So Far  ( Lesson Notes)

Write down sermon or preaching notes, notes from  your training sessions you are taking  notes from conferences, notes from books you are reading or notes any  teaching you learned.  It is also a good place to transfer notes from your scratch papers and get to review them too.

·         Jottings Along The Way ( Motivational Notes)

This is a page you go back to empower yourself, those one liners and phrases that made an impact on you .  Your notes for self-motivation.

·         Checklist (To-Do Lists)

We love lists. If you just don’t know where to put it yet on your planner, dump it all here.

·         Notes

Just the  classic notes section.


                This set is mainly for record- keeping of habits, interests and activities and so much more.

·         My Christian Weekly Tracker

Want to know how you fared? Keep a record if you’ve been good or bad. Assess , improve and repeat. Color In the hearts if you did good for the day. Track your quiet time, habits, behavior and attitude you want to continue or wean from.

·         Leading Others To Christ

Remember the great commission. Keep track of people you want to get to know Christ. List down names are  ministering to and praying for in this section.

For additional resources, I made  pages for the following:

·         Christian TV Shows Log
·         Christian Books Log
·         Christian Audio CDs Log
·         Christian Music Log
·         Other Journals Log –  Just in case you can’t help it and you have other journals       and you want to keep a record of them.
·         Church Services And Activities Log
·         Tithe Log
·         Offering Log


Here are the pages that would soon be available for digital download on ETSY
        You can choose and pick thepages you like for your every own MCWB.

·       My Christian Walk Book Title Page


·       My Christian Walk Book Title Page
·       My Year At A Glance
·       My Monthly Checklist
·       My Monthly Plan
·       This Month’s Milestones
·       My Week At A Glance
·       My Day At A Glance


·       One Year From Now
·       Down The Road
·       My Goals At A Glance
·       Vision Board


·       My Prayer Journal
·       My Bible Study Journal
·       My Daily Walk Journal
·       Memory Keeping Journal
·       My Night Visions
·       My Faith Expressions


·       My Favorite Bible Scriptures
·       Things I learned So Far  ( Lesson Notes)
·       Jottings Along The Way ( Motivational Notes)
·       Checklist (To-Do Lists)
·       Notes


·       My Christian Weekly Tracker
·       Leading Others To Christ
·       Christian TV Shows Log
·       Christian Books Log
·       Christian Audio CDs Log
·       Christian Music Log
·       Christian Movies Log
·       OtherJournals Log
·       Church Services And Activities Log
·       Tithe Log
·       Offering Log