Monday, March 20, 2017

The Parachute : An Intro To “My Christian Walk Book”

While I was thinking about what to write for my first post , I happen to be watching  a motivational channel on You Tube and heard these words from Steve Harvey : “If you don’t jump, your parachute won’t open.”

I believe that God was speaking to me that very minute. I knew that this would be the perfect way to introduce “My Christian Walk Book”  and somehow show you how this  faith project  all came into fruition.

It started with a God-moment and I jumped.

It took me a whole lot of Jesus and  a ton of Holy Spirit promptings  for every step and decision I took/ had to make. The Who, What, When , Where and How were all determined by Him. I guess I could say that for the first time in my life, I decided to use the parachute that God insists I use.

Don’t worry, I am not planning on calling this a “jump” book just yet. I will stick with calling it    “My Christian Walk Book” . Although J-U-M-P  could be a good idea for another project.  (Hmmm,  Jump could stand for  “Just Understanding My Purpose” or “Jesus Unlocks My Purpose”. Could be good titles, right? (Sorry those just ran through my head while writing this blog and it wasn’t even part of my draft.) Maybe I am just prophesying on  myself, who knows. One thing is for sure though, that’s a project  for another time.

              For now, let us focus on the walk and this walk book. Or the jump and the parachute.

So I used God’s  parachute this time, and  it had been a flight like no other. I know in my heart that I am off to a new beginning in my life.

Oh,  I could tell you many stories when I jumped and failed miserably and ended up being crippled. Figuratively, ofcourse. I had parachutes then , but I got defective ones. I remember some dare devil jumps too. Those times in my life when  I do not feel the need for a parachute, I just did it. I  jumped, with eyes closed.  The  careless and foolish times of my youth and then some more accounts when I got little older but not a tiny bit  wiser, are some stories I sure could tell. As you get to know  me and my life’s journey ,you will surely read about those “JUMP” stories.


              Jumping on whims without parachutes are  all behind me now. I didn’t have Jesus then.  The bible ,from the Book of Proverbs says,  ,  “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom”. I’d like to believe I am making wiser choices now that I am walking with The Lord.  I am still growing in faith and my story isn’t over. I would love to see how  my life  would unfold.  I am sure you do too.

              For those who would like to try this method, I hope that you  would  love having your own faith planner / walk book as much as I do  and I wish it would be  fulfilling for you as well.   Remember, It’s   all about Him and  It is still  about  THE WALK . I  just like documenting  my walk.

              I don’t know about you, but doing things my own way never panned out. Have you ever heard the saying , “ Man plans and God laughs” ? That exactly what I meant about the aimless jumps in our lives , the “ME-MYSELF-AND I” strategies  do not  work. Moving forward,  I hope not to make the same mistakes again. Praying that this time, I would really walk the walk. Or Jump the Jump with a Parachute that works.

              Join me, I have a spare Parachute. 

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